Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello folks.

It has occurred to me that I've been up to an awful lot lately and that only my Facebook friends know about my many adventures and creations. Such a shame!

Today we'll catch up on my crocheted creations. This is just a selection of what I've branched out into making over the last year.

Play Food:

 Milk, chicken drumsticks, cookies, carrot, apple

Grapes, Pickles and a Banana (with removable peel)

Fried Eggs, beet root and leaves, donut and corn (with removable husk)

A dozen cupcake

Close up of said cupcakes

Stuffed Toys:


(I found inspiration from A Morning Cup of Joe but made up my own pattern)


 Granny Square-style toque 

 Viking Toque
(Found inspiration from Snorg Tees)

Brown Bear Toque

Have made dozens of these. These suckers are top sellers!

Odds and Ends:

 A tea cozy

 A baby photography prop - turtle

A sweater for my little niece

Each piece has its own story but for the most part they were experiments. A few of them were requests/commissions (the play food, for example) but have now made several of each with the exception of the pink sweater and the turtle prop. Crocheting things for profit has been a good way to earn a few extra pennies, I won't lie, but I still do it for the same reason - for a love of all the craft!

Until Next Time,