Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, it certainly has been a while since I posted.

Honestly, Joy's passing has been a very hard thing to deal with. I've been keeping busy but there's still a slight sadness in my daily life, knowing that Joy is no longer here. I know I ought to be happy for her, that she's in a rockin' place and that she lived such a long, healthy life... but not having her around is just plain sad.

Two weeks ago I went camping with mom and dad in Manning Park. It was a lot of fun. I posted some pictures on Facebook but I know not all of you are on there so I've posted the best pics here:
I know I've told most of you this story... but here it is: we were in such a dither about the trailer breaks not working properly that we forgot to pack a third camp chair. We didn't realise it until we got there but *thankfully* we had this lovely one in the trailer, just waiting to be used in God's great outdoors. Yes, I felt like a hick.

We went for a drive one night and came across mule deer city. There were at least half a dozen of 'em. So pretty. This is one of the better pictures. Its a fine line between zooming in too far, and not far enough. My camera isn't the greatest but it did a good job here.

This is the best pic of me and mom. Mom looks happy but I just look confused (and slightly stoned, as dad so kindly pointed out)!

Dad was so enthralled with the newspaper I don't think he realized I was taking pictures. Its a good one of us, I think.

Aw, yes, the love-birds. Full of piss and vinegar as ususal. Looks like dad said something sassy... can't remember what it was!

The camping trip was a lot of fun but I was glad to come home. I spent two nights at home and then have spent the last week housesitting in Rosedale for a wonderful family with a whole managerie of animals! 2 donkeys, 5 rabbits, 7 cats, a dog and a guinea pig. All the animals were lovely and well behaved. I enjoyed my week there but am very happy to be home in my apartment (was getting a bit homesick).

While we were camping I mentioned to dad that I would love to have a bike of my own again. Dad hijacked mine a few years ago when his crapped out and I'm getting tired of needing a ride from mom and dad just because something is across town and is too far to walk. So dad fixed up mom's bike for me and put a larger seat on it (for my larger butt) and I went on my frist adventure tonight. I went to Pricesmart and picked up some groceries and the bank across the street to deposit a cheque. It was awesome! So quick, too! I came home, unloaded my groceries and had a snack then went over to Jen's mom's to visit with Jen and Elie. I stayed for tea and a piece of delicious wedding cake. It was so good to see them!

And that's good news, too! Jen and Elie have safely arrived in Chilliwack. Her mom threw her a big party/wedding reception. Jen said it was a lot of fun and a lot of people. I look forward to seeing the pictures. I got to catch up a bit with them yesterday when I worked at with A (they live next door) and it was so good to see them and give my sweet Jen a big bear hug!

I talked to Jenny today, too! She's doing ok. She's overtired and has a fussy baby. Little Rowan isn't giving her any peace. She's three months old now and is quite the chub muffin! 13 or 14 pounds, Jenny said (I think that's what she said!). They're moving into their own place in a few days which just thrills them to bits and pieces. They might paint before they move their stuff in which would probably be a good idea - Jenny was telling me about the paint choices and its sounds kinda scary!

Tomorrow I'm going on a big bike adventure with dad! Dad's going to show me how to get to Katie's house. Its no secret that I have no sense of direction and that I get lost easily (even when walking) so dad offered to bike the route with me. That way I can pop over to Katie's and play with her and her kids without Katie having to pack up the kids and come pick me up. Just for the record though, I never panic when I'm lost but I sure can get myself turned around. I'm hopeless!

I'm going to endevour to write more often. I've been having a busy summer and will likely be having just as busy of a fall.

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello folks.

This is my 100th post and its in memory of Joy.

Joy passed away this morning at the ripe ol' age of 91. We should all be so lucky to live as long and be in such good health. She died of a stroke, in her sleep. Sort of one of those "come home, good and faithful servant" moments, I think. She said she could never live in an old age care home and I'm so pleased to report that she never had to. She lived in assisted living for the last little bit but that was a blessing, I believe. She lived independantly but still could rely on them to cook her supper. She had one heck of a sweet tooth and I'm sure God had a stash of Mars Bars waiting for her when she showed up today!

I'm really feeling for her daughter right now. She has other family but her father, brother and now her mother are all gone. If anything, I know she could use our prayers right now. I know Joy was quite elderly but this was still unexpected. Now I know what people mean when they write in the obituaries "Died suddenly at 95 years old."

I've cried enough tears of loss today but I decided I needed to get out and get some fresh air so I marched off to Pricesmart and picked up some Twinnings Lady Grey tea... its what Joy drank and its what she served me out of her good china when I would visit. I'm pleased to drink a toast to her out of my great-grandma's good china.

Here's to you, Joy!

Joy was a sweet, strong, independant, loving woman and I can only hope that when I'm 91, I'm still all of those things.

God called her home, and home she went!

That's about it for now.
Talk to you soon!

Here are some pictures of the lace she helped me create

I tried to find this on youtube but there wasn't a good version of it. Here are the words instead. If anyone is itching to hear the actual song, message me and I'll send it to you.

Our prayers have all been answered. I finally arrived.
The healing that had been delayed has now been realized.
No one's in a hurry. There's no schedule to keep.
We're all enjoying Jesus, just sitting at His feet.

If you could see me now, I'm walking streets of gold.
If you could see me now, I'm standing strong and whole.
If you could see me now, you'd know I've seen His face.
If you could see me now, you'd know the pain is erased.
You wouldn't want me to ever leave this place,
If you could only see me now.

My light and temporary trials have worked out for my good,
To know it brought Him glory when I misunderstood.
Though we've had our sorrows, they can never compare.
What Jesus has in store for us, no language can share.
If you could see me now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


More of my sister's adventures:

Jill left Edmonton and headed towards my uncle's brother's last night when she managed to hit and kill a deer! It took out her headlight, marker and grill but she survived unscathed. She was a bit of an emotional wreck and thankfully a family, split between two cars, stopped to make sure she was ok. She was quite upset, crying, and the lady of the group asked if she was upset about the deer. No, she sobbed out, I'm worried about my horse!

Taser is fine and in good shape. The family was quite nice about it and one car drove ahead of her and the other drove behind her to make sure she got to where she was going safely. Turns out Uncle's brother owns a pig farm so Taser spent the night with hogs! Jill was quite proud of him. This will certainly be a trip that neither of them forgets!

Jill was never so happy to arrive in Prince Albert/Spruce Home Saskatchewan today. We've had a few calls/texts from her to say that she arrived safely. Dave and Paula are at a Black Smithing competition of some description somewhere else in Saskatchewan but drove back today just to be sure Jill arrived in one piece!

I'm missing her badly. I never really understood why she was always so upset when I would leave town to go to camp or PYPS but I get it now!! Having her gone is quite painful! I know two months will fly by (I sure hope so anyway). All of Jill's friends have been awesome to me, too. So if I need a jolt of Jill's brand of humour, they're all only a call away! I was quite a basket case last night, missing her, so mom brought over a 5lbs flat of blueberries and she and I ate the whole thing. It was quite a delicious moment in time!

I saw A today. We chatted away for over an hour and a half and made sure she got a shower, too. Even had time to paint her nails before mom and dad picked me up. Didn't bake anything today... didn't really have time plus Daena was just finished canning. We'll probably bake on Saturday.

That's about all for now but I'll keep posting about Jill's trip to keep everyone up to date.

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow... its been a full couple of days.

Church on Sunday was good. I helped count the offering but my head was in another space and had the hardest time remembering all the different steps to making it all balance. Normally I'm totally on my game but not this time! We ended up balancing, no thanks to me! It all worked out - thank heavens for Marg.

My new bed arrived while I was counting the offering. Jill was waiting here for the delivery men. I love, love, love my new bed! I took a nap on it and then went over to mom and dad's to hang out and have one last supper with Jill. Jill's two best friends came over and hung out. They let me play Rock Band with them - that meant a lot to me even though I totally stink at the game! I'm no good at all... I lack the hand-eye coordination and I don't know any of the songs!

We all went to bed even though none of us could sleep. Jill was wired for sound - too excited/nervous about the upcoming trip to sleep. I took my medication on an empty stomach and was up feeling sick and mom had a post-night shift headache. Jill rested but mom and I sat up and chit-chatted til about 1:30am. I ended up eating something and went upstairs and slept fine after that. Jill woke me up at 4:30 and we were on the road to get fuel by 5 and we hit the highway at 5:30.

Jill and I drove together for the first four hours, grooving to one of her new CDs. Her good friend Cory made her a bizzillion CDs (at least 12 MP3 discs roughly 150 songs on each!).... including the complete works of the Dixie Chicks, Big & Rich, and Michael Jackson, as well as a million others! She even has the Jackson 5 Christmas Album, for pete's sake! I also made her a CD... one with all my music (so that if she ever gets to missing me, she can pop that in and be reminded of how much she doesn't like my music tastes!). As she said "wow, your music collect just kinda puked on this CD!" tee hee. After those four hours, dad and I switched spots. He drove for Jill til Salmon Arm so she could rest and mom and I drove dad's truck behind them. I dozed while mom and I listened to a CD I made her months ago but that she never got to listen to! It was a good drive.

We let her go at Salmon Arm. Dad was quite anxious about her but we got texts from her along the way and she arrived safely in Olds to stay the night at Uncle Tim and Aunt Sharron's. Taser didn't want to back out of the trailer last night so Jill ended up turning around inside and then walked him out. Her total drive to Olds yesterday was 15 hours! She was pretty tired and slept great! Taser didn't want to get back in the trailer this morning. Can't say that I blame him! Jill finally coaxed him in and off they went!

Jill left this morning from Olds and drove to Edmonton. Everyone tried to talk her out of going up there to visit Aunt Marny and Uncle Neil but she went anyway. She got there and had lunch with them in Boston Pizza and came out to a great big mess of coolant on the ground under her truck. She's thankful that she did go to see them because Aunt and Uncle were available to help her deal with the situation! Uncle Neil went and bought more coolant and put it in only to watch it drain out the bottom. Fortunately they got her in to their mechanic who fixed the problem (something about a radiator plug falling to pieces) but all this took her afternoon and by the time she was ready to get back on the road it was getting to be pretty late. Aunt Marny made her supper to go and a cuppa coffee and sent her to Uncle Neil's brother in Turtlehead who has a farm. Jill's going to go stay there the night with Taser and will head over to Prince Albert tomorrow morning (a 5 hour drive).

I slept like the dead last night on my new bed and then Michelle came over today and we went to the bead store to make bracelets. I found some random pretty beads and made myself a new medic alert bracelet (the other one I made was too big). We had a great time chatting and laughing! We have a really good time together and enjoyed a cuppa tea afterwards.

I'm missing my girls somethin' awful right now. Jill really was my saving grace after Jen and Jenny left so having her gone as well is just breakin' my heart. I know she'll have a good time and will adjust to being so far from home quickly. She's never been away from home for any length of time and I worry about her - my little sister. Ah well. She's a grown-up now and can take good care of herself plus she has Dave and Paula to look out for her. They really are an extra set of parents to her!

Tomorrow I might be hanging out with A. They're going to Dinotown in the morning so if she's not tired and over stimulated then I'll head over there in the afternoon.

Will keep you updated on Jill as I get news.

Talk to you soon!