Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, it certainly has been a while since I posted.

Honestly, Joy's passing has been a very hard thing to deal with. I've been keeping busy but there's still a slight sadness in my daily life, knowing that Joy is no longer here. I know I ought to be happy for her, that she's in a rockin' place and that she lived such a long, healthy life... but not having her around is just plain sad.

Two weeks ago I went camping with mom and dad in Manning Park. It was a lot of fun. I posted some pictures on Facebook but I know not all of you are on there so I've posted the best pics here:
I know I've told most of you this story... but here it is: we were in such a dither about the trailer breaks not working properly that we forgot to pack a third camp chair. We didn't realise it until we got there but *thankfully* we had this lovely one in the trailer, just waiting to be used in God's great outdoors. Yes, I felt like a hick.

We went for a drive one night and came across mule deer city. There were at least half a dozen of 'em. So pretty. This is one of the better pictures. Its a fine line between zooming in too far, and not far enough. My camera isn't the greatest but it did a good job here.

This is the best pic of me and mom. Mom looks happy but I just look confused (and slightly stoned, as dad so kindly pointed out)!

Dad was so enthralled with the newspaper I don't think he realized I was taking pictures. Its a good one of us, I think.

Aw, yes, the love-birds. Full of piss and vinegar as ususal. Looks like dad said something sassy... can't remember what it was!

The camping trip was a lot of fun but I was glad to come home. I spent two nights at home and then have spent the last week housesitting in Rosedale for a wonderful family with a whole managerie of animals! 2 donkeys, 5 rabbits, 7 cats, a dog and a guinea pig. All the animals were lovely and well behaved. I enjoyed my week there but am very happy to be home in my apartment (was getting a bit homesick).

While we were camping I mentioned to dad that I would love to have a bike of my own again. Dad hijacked mine a few years ago when his crapped out and I'm getting tired of needing a ride from mom and dad just because something is across town and is too far to walk. So dad fixed up mom's bike for me and put a larger seat on it (for my larger butt) and I went on my frist adventure tonight. I went to Pricesmart and picked up some groceries and the bank across the street to deposit a cheque. It was awesome! So quick, too! I came home, unloaded my groceries and had a snack then went over to Jen's mom's to visit with Jen and Elie. I stayed for tea and a piece of delicious wedding cake. It was so good to see them!

And that's good news, too! Jen and Elie have safely arrived in Chilliwack. Her mom threw her a big party/wedding reception. Jen said it was a lot of fun and a lot of people. I look forward to seeing the pictures. I got to catch up a bit with them yesterday when I worked at with A (they live next door) and it was so good to see them and give my sweet Jen a big bear hug!

I talked to Jenny today, too! She's doing ok. She's overtired and has a fussy baby. Little Rowan isn't giving her any peace. She's three months old now and is quite the chub muffin! 13 or 14 pounds, Jenny said (I think that's what she said!). They're moving into their own place in a few days which just thrills them to bits and pieces. They might paint before they move their stuff in which would probably be a good idea - Jenny was telling me about the paint choices and its sounds kinda scary!

Tomorrow I'm going on a big bike adventure with dad! Dad's going to show me how to get to Katie's house. Its no secret that I have no sense of direction and that I get lost easily (even when walking) so dad offered to bike the route with me. That way I can pop over to Katie's and play with her and her kids without Katie having to pack up the kids and come pick me up. Just for the record though, I never panic when I'm lost but I sure can get myself turned around. I'm hopeless!

I'm going to endevour to write more often. I've been having a busy summer and will likely be having just as busy of a fall.

Talk to you soon!

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