Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello folks!

Had a good day today!

I got to visit Kristy and cuddle with her new baby. SO adorable. A little boy, about a week or two old, weighed in at 8lbs 11oz. And what a total cuddle bum! Fell asleep on Kristy after nursing then she passed him on to me. I loved it! It was a nice bike ride to Kristy's, too! Lovely!

Had worship practice tonight... it went reasonably well. We had a crash course/refresher course in how to read music. At first I wasn't thrilled but it was nice to brush up on it again... its been a while since I actually read a piece of music!

Guitar was also good. Haven't had a guitar lesson in a dog's age. Troy's been under the weather all summer but was feeling better enough today. It was great! Nice to get back in the groove.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I'm having lunch with Jen, then am seeing Michelle for a bit. We're going to hoof it down to the yarn store and pick up some crochet hooks for her. Am going over to mom and dad's for supper. Mom and dad's old neighbour Ruth is coming over for supper with her daughter (who used to babysit me!). Should be a good time. Dad's cooking a salt-packed roast which is one of my favourite ways to cook meat!

I made Michelle a blanket. It was supposed to be her Christmas present but she could use a pick-me-up so I've made it early and am going to give it to her tomorrow. I think she'll like it. Here's a pic:

Jill sent some pictures from Saskatchewan. I'll post them in the next couple days.
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So, naughty me, I've forgotten to write lately. Things have been moderately busy but I'm not at home so I can't refer to my calander to give you a play by play of my week.

I'm currently at mom and dad's. Mom, dad and I picked concord grapes this afternoon and have borrowed Sam's steam juicer. We've picked six large boxes of grapes (and left at least double that on Sam's vines)! So, out of 3 boxes, we've got 9 quarts of juice! And fortunately, the jars self-seal so we don't have to mess around with the canner! Sam said we can come back for more grapes, too. It'll save me uber-money this winter when it comes to buying juice.

Jill's doing well in Saskatchwan. Mom's talking to her right now. Mom's going to be mailing Jill all her winter gear (coats, long-johns, mitts, toques). She's still looking for a job and a place to live but is hopeful she'll be able to track down both and move out to Estevan in the next while, depending on when she needs to start her new job.

Keep prayin' for her, folks. She's doing well but we all miss her big-time.

Will write more soon, I swear!

Until then!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello everyone.

Its been a busy week.

I'm so glad to be doing better... was pretty sick last weekend. Death to intestinal bugs! I missed out on seeing Alison, which was pretty sad! She has a few more weeks off so I hope to see her the next time she comes to town.

On Tuesday I got together with Michelle in the afternoon. We spent our time crafting and chatting. She's keen to learn wirework so I showed her how to do the wire-wrapping. She picked it up pretty quick but practice makes perfect! A few weeks ago I got her started on crocheting. She learned how to chain and practiced that for a while and then I showed her how to do a single crochet. She's really patient with me while I teach her which is so nice!

I housesat on Wednesday for a client of Jill's who was going out of town just for the day and needed someone to let her dogs out and feed them supper. Such great dogs. I had a lovely time. I love my bike!! She lives slightly too far for me to walk (over by townsend park) but I got there on my bike in short order.

I saw Jen and Elie on Thursday and we caught up. We had lunch together, with friend and fellow blogger, Melissa. It was a good visit! I love catching up with all of them!

Yesterday was a great day! I volunteered at Parkholm. Shannon is back from being off all summer and we're officially back in the swing of things. We had a lively group in the pool, lots of chitter chatter! I love it!

I was planning on coming home, having a nap and then going to pick up some groceries but dad called me and asked if I wanted to come with him to visit Aunt Aileen and cousin Janet. We had a great visit with them - they're always a hoot! We picked up fish and chips and went home to surprise mom with supper. We hung out afterwards and then went and picked up some groceries at Superstore. Mom and dad have resisted going there but mom was thrilled that she could save $3 per box for dad's tea and $2 a bag for her fair trade coffee! It was a lovely day all told and mom and dad said they'd consider going to superstore again, even if the store is too big!

Today was good, too. I got home a little bit ago from working with A. We had a great time - made blueberry crisp that smelled so good I was dying for a piece. We made two of them. A's mom said "oh good, one for you and one for us?" But no, their family is so big, we made two pans just for them. That way, at least, they have dessert for two days now. A's mom has also asked if I would be available to come in once during the week and get Angel showered and ready for bed while she's off taking a course. I'm totally up for that!

I talked to Jenny this morning too. They're all doing good and are all settled into their new house. Josh is still looking for work but are feeling hopeful that he'll have a job in the near future. The kids are all doing well and Shea is so excited because she's going to public school! They have a TA in the class who checks her blood sugar before lunch (and as she needs it). She's really thriving and is even more excited because she gets to ride on the big yellow bus both ways!

I put on a pot of soup in the slow cooker before I left for work and I'm dying to go eat some supper now.

That's about it for now. Talk to you soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today and yesterday were total blah days. I've been fighting a stomach bug and for a while there it was winning! I'm still feeling quite unwell but am gettin' better.

The excitement of my day was calling the police on my neighbours for riding their pocketbikes around the block in the dark (oh, there they go again). It was the first time calling the non-emerg line for the police. Its obviously been a dull day if the exciting moment was filing a police report!

Hopefully I'll be back to feeling normal in the morning.

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey there!

Shea's birthday blanket is finished. I sewed for two days straight and here is the final work. I made one major boo-boo but hopefully it isn't noticable!

I'm glad its finished. I'll be starting on Eli's birthday quilt pretty quick. Hopefully I can find some dump truck fabric!

Talk to you soon

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have spent yesterday evening and the better part of today cutting and sewing squares. I'm in the process of making a rag quilt for Shea's birthday that I think she'll like. I went to the fabric store the day before yesterday with mom and asked the sales lady flat out if she had purple flying ponies flanelette. She looked at me like I'd sprouted a second head and it was then I realised I was on my own! Fortunately, I turned around and there it was, purple flying unicorns. Could it get any better?! I think not! We discovered that the sale on flanelette was set to start the next day so we went back yeseterday and bought all the flanelette that I needed (8 meters at 50% off) plus notions for 42 bucks! yay! I'm always so excited when I stick to my budget!

Last night I cut out the squares and sewed them together and today I sewed the squares into strips and then sewed the strips together to make a very nice twin-size blanket. The next step is to take a pair of scissors and snip along all the raw edges to make it fray... then I'll put it in the washer and dryer and it should fray and get all fuzzy!

I must say... I am getting tired of looking at purple unicorns but I'm positive Shea will like it!

I did go for a bike ride - loads of fun. I road around the backroads of downtown, through the 'burbs. Its a lovely day for riding... I wanted to get a ride in before the rain started to fall (looks like it'll start any minute now). Its so fresh out there I've opened my windows and doors to let the fall air in. Lovely! My favourite season! So now that I've expended some energy I'm going to go sit still for a few hours and snip at the raw edges of the quilt. Woot.

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello to you all!

Things here are pretty good.

I saw Jen and Elie again today... and yesterday, too. It was a lovely visit both times. I've been biking my butt off (did 5km yesterday) and biked over to Jen's mom's house today to see them. Its so good to have Jen home!

After my big bike ride yesterday, mom dad and I went out for supper at Homer's downtown. Lovely to hang out with my parents! I also worked in the afternoon with A. It was a short day but great to see her nonetheless. I work with her again on Saturday and then we go to once a week (because school is starting on Tuesday). I can't believe its September already!

Aunty Gloria is coming over for tea tomorrow morning and then mom and I are running errands in the afternoon. I need to pick up some flanelette to make two rag quilts (Shea's birthday present and Kristy's baby gift) and I look forward to hitting up Fabricland. Jill is supposed to call sometime to catch up now that she has long distance on her phone and really looking forward to chatting with her! Melissa is coming over in the evening to chat and catch up. She's awesome at picking colours and matching them for quilts. I'm horrible at it so I like to ask her opinion! It'll be a busy day. I plan to fit a bike ride in there sometime, too, because bike riding is so much fun!


Talk to you soon!