Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello everyone.

Its been a busy week.

I'm so glad to be doing better... was pretty sick last weekend. Death to intestinal bugs! I missed out on seeing Alison, which was pretty sad! She has a few more weeks off so I hope to see her the next time she comes to town.

On Tuesday I got together with Michelle in the afternoon. We spent our time crafting and chatting. She's keen to learn wirework so I showed her how to do the wire-wrapping. She picked it up pretty quick but practice makes perfect! A few weeks ago I got her started on crocheting. She learned how to chain and practiced that for a while and then I showed her how to do a single crochet. She's really patient with me while I teach her which is so nice!

I housesat on Wednesday for a client of Jill's who was going out of town just for the day and needed someone to let her dogs out and feed them supper. Such great dogs. I had a lovely time. I love my bike!! She lives slightly too far for me to walk (over by townsend park) but I got there on my bike in short order.

I saw Jen and Elie on Thursday and we caught up. We had lunch together, with friend and fellow blogger, Melissa. It was a good visit! I love catching up with all of them!

Yesterday was a great day! I volunteered at Parkholm. Shannon is back from being off all summer and we're officially back in the swing of things. We had a lively group in the pool, lots of chitter chatter! I love it!

I was planning on coming home, having a nap and then going to pick up some groceries but dad called me and asked if I wanted to come with him to visit Aunt Aileen and cousin Janet. We had a great visit with them - they're always a hoot! We picked up fish and chips and went home to surprise mom with supper. We hung out afterwards and then went and picked up some groceries at Superstore. Mom and dad have resisted going there but mom was thrilled that she could save $3 per box for dad's tea and $2 a bag for her fair trade coffee! It was a lovely day all told and mom and dad said they'd consider going to superstore again, even if the store is too big!

Today was good, too. I got home a little bit ago from working with A. We had a great time - made blueberry crisp that smelled so good I was dying for a piece. We made two of them. A's mom said "oh good, one for you and one for us?" But no, their family is so big, we made two pans just for them. That way, at least, they have dessert for two days now. A's mom has also asked if I would be available to come in once during the week and get Angel showered and ready for bed while she's off taking a course. I'm totally up for that!

I talked to Jenny this morning too. They're all doing good and are all settled into their new house. Josh is still looking for work but are feeling hopeful that he'll have a job in the near future. The kids are all doing well and Shea is so excited because she's going to public school! They have a TA in the class who checks her blood sugar before lunch (and as she needs it). She's really thriving and is even more excited because she gets to ride on the big yellow bus both ways!

I put on a pot of soup in the slow cooker before I left for work and I'm dying to go eat some supper now.

That's about it for now. Talk to you soon!

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  1. Yes Danielle! It was a fun visit - definitely have to do that again!! Have a great week :)