Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello to you all!

Things here are pretty good.

I saw Jen and Elie again today... and yesterday, too. It was a lovely visit both times. I've been biking my butt off (did 5km yesterday) and biked over to Jen's mom's house today to see them. Its so good to have Jen home!

After my big bike ride yesterday, mom dad and I went out for supper at Homer's downtown. Lovely to hang out with my parents! I also worked in the afternoon with A. It was a short day but great to see her nonetheless. I work with her again on Saturday and then we go to once a week (because school is starting on Tuesday). I can't believe its September already!

Aunty Gloria is coming over for tea tomorrow morning and then mom and I are running errands in the afternoon. I need to pick up some flanelette to make two rag quilts (Shea's birthday present and Kristy's baby gift) and I look forward to hitting up Fabricland. Jill is supposed to call sometime to catch up now that she has long distance on her phone and really looking forward to chatting with her! Melissa is coming over in the evening to chat and catch up. She's awesome at picking colours and matching them for quilts. I'm horrible at it so I like to ask her opinion! It'll be a busy day. I plan to fit a bike ride in there sometime, too, because bike riding is so much fun!


Talk to you soon!

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