Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today has been a painfully quiet day.

I house sat for Jill last night in Sardis. They have a german shepherd cross dog that I fell in love with! And an adorable cat, too.

Didn't end up working with A today. Not sure what happened but when I called to confirm, her dad said I wouldn't be coming over. Who knows. Claire was supposed to come over for supper but cancelled, too, so I ended up making doughnuts with an icing sugar glaze. They're not the best thing I ever made but they're not too bad.

I'm SO excited because Jenny, Rowan and Eli are coming over for tea on Monday when Shea is in preschool. I can't wait! I'm going to put together a cute pink flower arrangement for her to take home. I'll have to highjack the leaves from various public trees... I started tonight. Jill is picking me up tomorrow afternoon and we'll head over to Little Mountain Greenhouses to buy the fresh cut flowers and then, I'm ashamed to say, we're going to the Evil Empire (Walmart)... I need some new shirts with short sleeves and they're the cheapest place to get 'em.

That be about it for tonight, folks.

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey there folks.

Things here have been very exciting. I get to meet little Rowan Vashti this afternoon. I've been busy cookin' up a storm. I made Jenny and family supper - chicken stew, cheese biscuits and Grandma's Ceasar salad (Jenny's personal favourite). I put aside a few biscuits for myself and will reserve some of the huge pot of stew for me, too. Yum! The stew looks a little thick... might give it a little extra water. Will see. Jen is picking me up after she's off work and we'll go meet the newest arrival together!

Rowan was born at 5:45am, weighing in at 8lbs 2oz after 4 hours of labour. We're all so stinkin' proud of Jenny!

*so excited* Can't wait to meet her!

Besides that, things have been good. I went through all my clothes yesterday and have a huge box for mom to go through. Also tidied up half of my bedroom. Still have a bit to go through. Will attack that this afternoon, I think.

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its a girl!!

Jenny gave birth to a baby girl at 5 this morning (the 27th)! Right on her due date!

She gave birth at home, in a birthing/water tub!

Shea was a star, apparently, being very helpful (she's four) and Eli (he's two) slept through the whole thing and still didn't know there was a baby (as of 7:45am). Jen said he got up and just wanted breakfast. tee hee.

That's all I know at this point. They don't have a name for her yet and they haven't officially weighed her either.

I saw her yesterday and she said she was really crampy and uncomfortable... we were supposed to be getting together for tea and lunch today but I have a feeling that that'll be postponed. tee hee.

Just had to post before I did anything else this morning!

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hope you're all doing well.

Church was this morning and afterwards I was supposed to get together with Claire for tea and a movie... but...

I went to worship practice this morning. That went fine. I chatted with a bunch of people and then went and sat down. Just before the service was about to start, a guy who I've never met sat down beside me and pulled out a camera (ah, yes, you can see where this is going, can't ya?). I put my hand over my eyes and called out "Excuse me! Excuse me!" He didn't say anything and finally I peeked and saw that he was looking at me strangely. I explained, quite clearly, that I have seizures from camera flashes so could he puulllleeeeeze not take pictures. He kind of scoffed and claimed that he had turned the camera flash off. I decided to go out on a limb and trust him, though a little voice inside said to cover my eyes just in case.

Sure wish I had listened to that little voice!

He took the picture and I woke up on the floor. Damn, eh?

I sincerely wish that it didn't actually take a seizure for people to realize that I'm not making this seizure stuff up! Why can't people just listen to me the first time?

Anywho. Ali (a lady from church) brought me home and gave me some ice for my goose-egg and then she left. I had a nice long nap and feel like its time for another. I'm doing just fine, though, so no worries.

Yesterday was a good day. I worked with A in the afternoon - we baked banana muffins that turned out really great. I always forget that muffins don't rise the same was as cupcakes! They're still nice but are kinda short. No one seemed to care. Jen said that they're probably all gone by now! Its nice to see A getting positive feedback for the work she does from everyone in the family. :) I just realized that we forgot to scrub the muffin tins. Whoops!

This summer I'll be working with her two days a week, instead of just once. I asked her if she thought that would be a good idea and she got a big goofy grin on her face which I took to mean 'yes'! I'm happy to do this kind of work - its a lot of fun and its uber rewarding!!

I think I'm going to go lay down again. All is well.

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Things here have been pretty good. Pretty busy, but good!

Aunty Gloria came over today for tea which is always fun! We gabbed away!

I also finished the baby quilt for Jenny. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it but Jenny says she will. If not, I'll take my camera over on my next visit. She's pretty darn big and is full-term! She might pop any day. I'm excited to be on the call list for when she goes into labour... can't wait to meet my newest niece or nephew.

Worship practice tonight was a lot of fun. It was just the three of us singers... not sure what happened to the rest of them! Guitar was good. I'm learning 'Down by the Bay' now. Its pretty fun.

Got a call from mom and dad this afternoon and again tonight. They're safe and sound in Bonnyville, AB visiting Aunty Bev and Jay. Mom says their house is really cute.

Am just heading to bed now but wanted to post a few more pictures. These ones came off my camera.

A trimmed hoof versus an untrimmed hoof. Way to go Jilly.
Mom (and Lester) driving a Cat. She was totally in her glory. She also got to plow, disc and harrow with the big tractor.

These are the arrangements I made for Abe's birthday party. He was very complimentary! I can see the mistakes - I hope you can't!

The time has come, the walrus said...
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting. Its been a busy few days.

Here are a few pictures from our trip!

This is King. I think Jill said he's 16 and is such a doll! Jill was doing something farrier related and she's far better at explaining it then I am. Don't worry, I asked her if I could post a picture of her rear in purple jeans. I think she should use this as her Christmas card this year for her clients!!

She did a lot of trimming horse feet this week which meant that I did a lot of hanging out in the shop. The horses are so good but there's always the chance that one will step on her... my job was to help her if she got crunched.
Abe is always pleased with her work and he's not the only one... I'm always so impressed when I watch her, she does such a good job! Abe has a billion horses but three pulling teams that he uses in competitions as well as farming work (plowing, etc) and horse logging.

My smiling mom. She and Dad worked like crazy to help tear down the shed behind her. It used to be a saddle shed but the whole works was rotting, it was so old. A guy that lives in Crescent Spur got the tin on the roof and Abe asked that he take the barn board off the sides as payment... the board will be sold in the upcoming farm auction (at the end of the month).
You might be wondering about her pink hair... this is the second time she's done that, its a conversation starter, that's for sure! She's part of the Relay for Life Cancer Society fundraiser... this year three ladies dyed their hair pink! Cool, eh?

I think dad delights in grossing me out. I can't remember what he said but he was laughing at my expression! He was pounding out nails in this picture. Abe used his handy tractor in the background to tear down the shed and move it to a big burn pile.

Abe and Jill doing some team-trimming. I held one of their feet... SO heavy. Abe is holding while Jill trims. Abe has a hoof stand that Jill used, too.

Beautiful but gigantic horses. I'll never think that Monty is a big horse after standing next to these guys!
There wasn't too much for me to do so I floated from one place to the other (kitchen, shed, shop). I cooked lunch a couple times and helped Melva with supper and dishes. She and I get on pretty well. She whooped me at cards quite a few times! It was humbling!!!
It was a good week away!
Talk to you soon!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just wanted to post and say that I'm home safe and sound from my travels. (Got in around 9 o'clock tonight - had a late start today).

Will post about my trip in the next day or two... will also post a few pictures!

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Have spent the day packing like mad in between having people over for tea. Its been quite a day! Just got in from a trip to Hope with Jill to drop off Tizzy. She'll be spending the week we're in McBride with Jill's best friend, Jess.

I'm looking forward to the trip, big-time. Mom and I are going to Little Mountain Green Houses tomorrow morning at 9 to pick out the flowers for the arrangements. I'm excited but nervous about putting together something that doesn't completely suck. I have lots of reference material, though, so I should be just fine.

Hope you guys have a great week!

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Had a good couple of days and have a couple busy days ahead of me as we prepare for our trip to McBride.

Aunty Gloria is coming over for tea tomorrow morning. Should be good as usual!

Dad and I ran errands today... HY Louie, Safeway, Post Office, etc... and then had tea at my house. Dad helped me get my dishes back under control. Its amazing out fast it turns into a disaster, eh!

Just put my practice dessert into the oven. Claire is coming over for tea on Thursday... she'll be having her birthday while I'm gone so I wanted to bake her something special. I found a recipe for Cherry Platz which seems kinda like a coffee cake (sorta, but not really, I don't know what else to call it). I made blueberry pie filling instead of cherry and its baking away in my oven... it smells good! I just peeked on it and it looks great. If it turns out, I'll make it again for Claire for her birthday.


Just took the platz out of my oven. It looks great and smells tasty. Seems like the kinda thing that I should serve with vanilla icecream.

I went to the Library yesterday. I get a thrill out of that place! All those books! I picked up half a dozen books on Floral arranging and three audio books. I want to listen to an audio book on my way to McBride... I grabbed a couple in the hopes that at least one is half-decent.

For Mother's Day, Jill and I kidnapped mom and took her to Penningtons. We found her a new bathing suit! Its a lovely number - brown with blue flowers... a tank top and skirted bottoms. SO CUTE! She looks great in it! We knew we'd never convince her to go bathing suit shopping on her own so we took her there without telling her why we were there! tee hee. It took 45 minutes tops and we were outta there with a bathing suit. We had a great time!

Okies. I should get a move on. Will try some of that platz and make sure it isn't poisonous. tee hee. Will post the recipe later if it turns out ok.

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hey there!
Am at mom and dad's write now so this post won't be very long.
Jill showed me this video the other day and I'm just in love with it! You can turn off my music on the right side of this screen so you can hear the announcer. SOO cute! I'm not entirely sure what a respectable time is for adults but I watched a gal on YouTube doing barrels in 14 seconds... so 18 seconds for a little one like her seems pretty darn good! Jill said those minis think they're racehorses and after watching this, I tend to agree!
Will write more later!
Talk to you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Am just chilling right now, watching the news.

Had a fun couple of days... yesterday Jen and Jenny came over and we did a plaster cast of Jenny's preg-o belly. Its just beautiful! The cast is sitting here beside me, drying and 'curing'. Jenny plans to paint the 'Tree of Life' on it - what a great idea, eh? The belly casting kit was a gift from me and Jen to Jenny... she seemed pretty excited about it!

Today was spent with Jill. We went to the glasses store and found me a pair of perscription sunglasses. We were hoping that they would be here for Friday when we leave for McBride but they said sunglasses have to be sent to Burnaby so it'll take about 2 weeks. She said she'd put a rush on it but she couldn't promise anything. I love them! I'll post pictures when I get 'em! The ladies there kept telling me that I'm a 'trend-setter'. I just laughed. They said that all the stars are starting to wear this style and its all over the magazines. HA! Jill said, quite politely, that I don't follow fashion. The ladies seemed shocked. I mean, seriously! Do I *look* like I'm a trend-setting style-obsessed kinda gal??

In other news, the drawer pulls for my desk arrived! Mom and dad are picking up the drawers tonight so dad can install the pulls. I'm pretty psyched!

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be with A. We're going to bake Oatmeal cookies... she seemed pretty excited about it when she suggested it last week. I only got to see A for half a sec last week while I was helping Jen cook at the fundraiser. Mom and dad got to meet her at that fundraiser. I was glad they got to meet her - she's an awesome gal.

Tomorrow evening or Sunday afternoon mom and I are going to go foliage hunting up Slesse... I'm going to do a couple of arrangements for Abe's birthday party next Saturday. Should be a good time. I hope it isn't raining like it was last time!! yikes!! I'm going flower shopping on Thursday to get fresh cut flowers for the trip. I hope they travel well! On Tuesday I plan to hit up the Library and see what kind of floral reference books they have... it'll be good to have something to refer to.

I should get a move on. I have a few dishes to do.

Talk to you soon!