Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today has been a painfully quiet day.

I house sat for Jill last night in Sardis. They have a german shepherd cross dog that I fell in love with! And an adorable cat, too.

Didn't end up working with A today. Not sure what happened but when I called to confirm, her dad said I wouldn't be coming over. Who knows. Claire was supposed to come over for supper but cancelled, too, so I ended up making doughnuts with an icing sugar glaze. They're not the best thing I ever made but they're not too bad.

I'm SO excited because Jenny, Rowan and Eli are coming over for tea on Monday when Shea is in preschool. I can't wait! I'm going to put together a cute pink flower arrangement for her to take home. I'll have to highjack the leaves from various public trees... I started tonight. Jill is picking me up tomorrow afternoon and we'll head over to Little Mountain Greenhouses to buy the fresh cut flowers and then, I'm ashamed to say, we're going to the Evil Empire (Walmart)... I need some new shirts with short sleeves and they're the cheapest place to get 'em.

That be about it for tonight, folks.

Talk to you soon!

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