Monday, June 1, 2009


I have pictures of Baby Rowan! She's just so sweet... I got the cuddle her today and didn't want to let her go! She needed to eat though, and there wasn't much I could do for her on that front!

Got to see Jenny, Josh, Eli and Rowan this morning while Shea was at preschool when I snapped a few pics of Rowan and Eli. Adorable.

While they were here I got a call from Ali, the clerk of Session at church (Session is the committee that kind of runs the church... its a board with the elders as well as the minister who talk about a lot of really dull stuff). Anyway, one of the dull things they talked about last Wednesday had to do with me. Ali called to inform me that there is now a no-camera policy at church! Wow, eh?! I was floored and my eyes filled up with some mega tears when she told me. I'm touched to say the least. She said they posted some posters and made annoucments. She said that its something that should have been done a long time ago but no matter, I'm just so thrilled that its happening at all. For all the headaches I get over church, it means the world to me that they're willing to do this for me!

And finally, here are the pictures of baby Rowan and little Eli (who isn't so little anymore!)

She's all of 5 days old today. Adorable, eh?
Eli is quite the tea-granny! He runs around chanting "tea! tea!" when I pour the water into the teapot... hasn't quite figured out the whole notion of "steeping"... he'll get the hang of it. :D The cup is nearly as big as his head!!

It was quite as cute, he drank the tea so fast he was panting to catch his breath when he was done!

That's all for now.

Talk to you soon!

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