Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello guys and gals!

Hope you're all well.

Man, have things ever been busy! wow. Its all kind of a blurr, but here's what I remember. tee hee.

Yesterday was the PYPS meeting about closing PYPS's doors for good. Synod Exec has decided that PYPS should close and a new chapter of youth work needs to start. I've got some misgivings about how this is all going down because PYPS isn't under the Synod's mandate sotospeak - we have our own constitution, etc, so they really have no right telling us to close. That said, they do give us quite a bit of money each year so we can function as a society - so we don't have to collect dues from our members. We can't function without that money. But in the end we've decided collectively that disolving PYPS is the best idea. Its a broken system and there are so many other ways we could be doing things... we're stuck in a rut basically.

Anyway, the meeting went well and we were done by 1pm. Kathy dropped me off at the housesitting house afterwards and I played with the dogs and ate my lunch there. Jill picked me up just after 7 for our "girls night" with our cousins-in-law. It was quite fun... Jill and I only have one girl cousin and she lives in Kamloops - too far away! We're enjoying having our cousin's wives to watch a movie with! The movie was ok (He's just not that into you)... Jill and Sherry had already seen it and were talking about how it shows you your own flaws, painfully. I felt a bit out of place because I don't have stories to share about stalking guys or waiting by the phone. Oh well. People keep telling me that my time will come. ha ha.

I got home around midnight and as soon as I turned my beside lamp out, the dogs started whining. They calmed down a bit when I showed them they could sleep beside my bed. It was nice to have a dog sleep next to me - made me miss Lucky a bit! I was up at 3am because I thought Luca, the cat, wanted to eat, and again at 6am to feed the dogs breakfast and let them pee. Went back to bed once they were all taken care of and woke up at 9 to let them pee again... I threw in my first load of laundry then and then had something to eat and then chilled for a few hours, played with the dogs, etc. Dave picked me up at 2ish and we ran errands, stopped at Starbucks for coffee (actually stayed inside starbucks to drink it - a first for me) and also went to the Base to pick up a few things and so Dave could throw his wash in the dryer there. We headed back to the housesitting house at about 5:30 and fed the dogs their supper and let them go outside. After all that we headed over to mom and dad's for Chinese food for Father's Day supper. Mom and dad had invited Dave to stay and after supper we all started busting out stories about our embarassing parents. teehee. It was quite a lot of fun.

Jen dropped off some stuff from Jenny today... two wooden kitchen chairs, a big fan and her BBQ... just have to get a propane tank. I'm grateful for everything, especially the chairs. Another one of the metal ones I have bit the dust the other day. Yikes!

Jen flys out of Vancouver at 11 tonight but will leave Chilliwack around 7. I got to give her good bye hugs and kisses this morning - I'm thankful for that. She seems excited, though she said she just wants to get the traveling portion of it over with. Will be praying for safe travels for the lot of them.

Jenny leaves the day after tomorrow (Wednesday). Golly. This is going to be harder then I thought. I talked to Jenny briefly today and we're going to meet up with each other tomorrow at some point because she still has a few things for me (a vacuum and a CD player). And so we can properly say "farewell". We've decided that "Good Bye" is an evil word so we're not going to use it! tee hee.

Should get a move on. I'm going out with Jill pretty quick to run some errands.

Anyway, I'll talk to you soon!

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