Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My two lovlies - Shea and Eli, being silly. Got to see them one last time today. Jenny and Josh brought them over with lunch. Telus cut off their phone a day early so they used mine and my internet for a while. Shea was excited that I'll come see her next summer and I'm excited too, to see them and for the adventure. I made Jenny promise that we'll freeze our butts off in the Atlantic! Even if we just rush in and rush out - so long as we do it!

This is Shea and Eli puddle jumping! Shea was sitting beside me while I was going through these pictures on my birthday and I told her the story about how I puddle jumped on my way home from dance class but everyone looked at my funny because adults don't often puddle jump! Everyone roared, laughing, I guess they thought I was telling a story about how I puddle jumped when I was a kid. I did then, too, but I also puddle jumped last spring when I was taking dance classes at the arts centre! tee hee. We all know I march to the beat of my own drum!

I didn't have any time to feel sorry for myself today, after Jenny, Josh and the kids left. I cried a little bit and then jumped when the door buzzed. It was Madelene, my elder from church, here for a cuppa tea. It was nice to switch gears and move on a bit in my day. *smile* I didn't have any time to wallow and I'm thankful for that! I think it was God's perfect timing!

Shea and Eli both love Salish Park.

This is, quite possibly, my favourite picture from this stack. Shea is obsessed with horses and drew a horse halter on her face! Lets just say that she's really looking forward to horse riding lessons this fall!


Jenny and Josh still have a few more things for me. Mom said she'd pick them up tonight. Dad is driving them to the airport tomorrow morning, bright and early (4:45am). I'm so grateful to mom and dad for doing everything they do for Jenny and Josh. Means the world to me.

I've filled up the next couple of days with things to do and people to see so I don't have too much time to feel sorry for myself. I will survive.

Talk to you soon

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