Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just a quick note to say that I had a good birthday yesterday. Thank you for all the cards and notes - I felt very, very loved.

Worked with A in the afternoon, then mom and dad took me out for supper. Mom and dad got me 2 new shirts and Jill got me a spiffy new backpack from MEC that I'm totally in love with! Its green and grey, which might sound like an odd colour combination but I really like it. Its a little smaller then my red back pack but its more comfortable to wear and I can fit everything I need in it plus have room for library books, groceries, etc, etc.

Talked to Jenny today - they had a hoot today in Dartmouth and tomorrow they're going into Halifax. They sound like they're having a great time, though Eli (he's 2) has asked if they can please "go home". He'll adjust but I think all the craziness of this move is getting to him. Prayers for healthy adjustment for everyone in that family are appreciated.

Jen's mom, Betty, popped over today with a boquet of flowers for my birthday - how sweet, eh? Totally awesome! Both her kids (Jen and Jeanine) are in Haiti right now and I think her and I are feeling similar pain. Will have to invite her over for tea, I think!

Tomorrow I'm with A in the afternoon and will be going with Jill in the later evening to the Langley Drive-in theatre to watch Star Trek. I really hope this goes well and I stay seizure-free... its a big risk we're taking.

Well, its late, and bed is calling.

Talk to you soon!