Monday, June 8, 2009


Its been a busy couple of days. :) In a good way!

Church yesterday was lovely. It was communion Sunday - always my favourite. Met a strange elderly man who sat beside me who didn't say anything to me except "Have you always lived in Chilliwack?" He seemed nice enough but it was a weird question! I helped with the offering after the service. Arlys gave me a call on Saturday to remind me because I completely forgot last month and left her high and dry (Bad Danielle!). Whoops, eh? Afterwards I went over to mom and dad's to do laundry and help pack for the camping trip Jill and I are leaving for today! We got about half-packed... just have to load the groceries and a few odds and ends.

Oh, sounds like Jill is here. Should get a move on! We're heading to the island (French and China Beaches)

Better run! Will be home Friday!

Talk to you soon!

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