Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello folks.

Jenny, Josh and the kids made it safely to the airport in style this morning in mom's F150. It fit all five of them plus dad, the driver. Dad gave me a call at 4:45 this morning to say that all the lights were out and there were no signs of life in the apartment! He ended up going up the back staircase and banged like a mad man on the glass door. Josh came a-runnin'! Turns out their alarm clock didn't go off. Still, they were out the door by 5:30 and made it to Abbotsford to catch their flight out at 6:30! They had two stop overs, one in Calgary and one they didn't realize was listed, in Toronto. Shea and Rowan were awesome all the way to Halifax but Eli was a bit of a handful. All is well though. I spoke with Jenny tonight - she got the parcel I sent her on the sly. She really liked it! (I sent her a teapot, tea, sugar and lots of cookies and I made sure it was waiting for her at her in-laws where they're staying for at least the next month). It was awesome to catch up with her about her crazy day. Her in-laws have a beautiful house and the kids have their own bedroom - a set of bunkbeds... Shea has a pink flying unicorn quilt on her bed and Eli has a John Deere tractor quilt. Both kids are in love with their Grandma and Grandpa (They call them Abba and Amma instead) and they are loved quite deeply in return!

I'm really missing both Jen and Jenny today. Its been kind of a ho-hum day... I've done my best to keep busy... Rebecca was over and I went to my guitar lesson even though I just wanted to stay home and pout by myself. Troy (guitar teacher) is always good for some laughs and a fresh take on the situation.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm not thrilled about it. I'm working with A in the afternoon and am going out for supper with mom, dad and Jill afterwards. Looking forward to that a bit. I know Jen and Jenny want me to have a happy birthday so I'm going to do my damndest!

Anywho. Am going to hit the hay pretty quick.

Talk to you soon!

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