Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wow, this is some heat we've been having, eh?

Both of my fans have been working overtime but so far it hasn't gotten unbearable in here... usually gets to about 28 by the time it cools off enough for me to open the windows and start blowing fresh air around. I'm dawdling about going to bed because my livingroom is getting nice and cool (22 degrees)... I wish I could leave my patio door open all night and get it really, really cool in here! That's the downside to a ground-level apartment.

Things have been pretty bland around here. Mostly staying inside to hide from the heat. Went to Janice's today for a bit and watched a movie. Jill came over for a late supper and then we went out for ice cream. I made her chicken and broccoli stir fry with peanut sauce. She inhaled her plate (as did I!). Its quite delicious. We decided that I'll have mom, dad and Jill over for supper one of these days and I'll make them that. I think they'd like it.

Jill and I are making plans to go camping. Am really, really looking forward to it! Jill would love for us to go to the island... somewhere around Sooke. I think that'd be rad, too... even if it is a little more expensive. At least the camping is free (an upside to being on disability)! So this week I'll go and get the appropriate paperwork and get everything in order. Jill mentioned that maybe next week would work. We'll see what her schedule is like.

Tomorrow I need to pick up milk and hit up the post office - I need to mail my Uniserve modem back to them. I'm on Shaw now and love it!

Talk to you soon!

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