Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Had a good couple of days and have a couple busy days ahead of me as we prepare for our trip to McBride.

Aunty Gloria is coming over for tea tomorrow morning. Should be good as usual!

Dad and I ran errands today... HY Louie, Safeway, Post Office, etc... and then had tea at my house. Dad helped me get my dishes back under control. Its amazing out fast it turns into a disaster, eh!

Just put my practice dessert into the oven. Claire is coming over for tea on Thursday... she'll be having her birthday while I'm gone so I wanted to bake her something special. I found a recipe for Cherry Platz which seems kinda like a coffee cake (sorta, but not really, I don't know what else to call it). I made blueberry pie filling instead of cherry and its baking away in my oven... it smells good! I just peeked on it and it looks great. If it turns out, I'll make it again for Claire for her birthday.


Just took the platz out of my oven. It looks great and smells tasty. Seems like the kinda thing that I should serve with vanilla icecream.

I went to the Library yesterday. I get a thrill out of that place! All those books! I picked up half a dozen books on Floral arranging and three audio books. I want to listen to an audio book on my way to McBride... I grabbed a couple in the hopes that at least one is half-decent.

For Mother's Day, Jill and I kidnapped mom and took her to Penningtons. We found her a new bathing suit! Its a lovely number - brown with blue flowers... a tank top and skirted bottoms. SO CUTE! She looks great in it! We knew we'd never convince her to go bathing suit shopping on her own so we took her there without telling her why we were there! tee hee. It took 45 minutes tops and we were outta there with a bathing suit. We had a great time!

Okies. I should get a move on. Will try some of that platz and make sure it isn't poisonous. tee hee. Will post the recipe later if it turns out ok.

Talk to you soon.

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