Friday, May 1, 2009


Am just chilling right now, watching the news.

Had a fun couple of days... yesterday Jen and Jenny came over and we did a plaster cast of Jenny's preg-o belly. Its just beautiful! The cast is sitting here beside me, drying and 'curing'. Jenny plans to paint the 'Tree of Life' on it - what a great idea, eh? The belly casting kit was a gift from me and Jen to Jenny... she seemed pretty excited about it!

Today was spent with Jill. We went to the glasses store and found me a pair of perscription sunglasses. We were hoping that they would be here for Friday when we leave for McBride but they said sunglasses have to be sent to Burnaby so it'll take about 2 weeks. She said she'd put a rush on it but she couldn't promise anything. I love them! I'll post pictures when I get 'em! The ladies there kept telling me that I'm a 'trend-setter'. I just laughed. They said that all the stars are starting to wear this style and its all over the magazines. HA! Jill said, quite politely, that I don't follow fashion. The ladies seemed shocked. I mean, seriously! Do I *look* like I'm a trend-setting style-obsessed kinda gal??

In other news, the drawer pulls for my desk arrived! Mom and dad are picking up the drawers tonight so dad can install the pulls. I'm pretty psyched!

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be with A. We're going to bake Oatmeal cookies... she seemed pretty excited about it when she suggested it last week. I only got to see A for half a sec last week while I was helping Jen cook at the fundraiser. Mom and dad got to meet her at that fundraiser. I was glad they got to meet her - she's an awesome gal.

Tomorrow evening or Sunday afternoon mom and I are going to go foliage hunting up Slesse... I'm going to do a couple of arrangements for Abe's birthday party next Saturday. Should be a good time. I hope it isn't raining like it was last time!! yikes!! I'm going flower shopping on Thursday to get fresh cut flowers for the trip. I hope they travel well! On Tuesday I plan to hit up the Library and see what kind of floral reference books they have... it'll be good to have something to refer to.

I should get a move on. I have a few dishes to do.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Now I can't wait to see pics of the glasses.... hehehe....