Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hope you guys are doing well.

Things have been good!

I've spent the last couple days with dad - we're building my buffet and hutch! I'm pretty excited about it. :D Dad wants to have the base unit (buffet) finished before we go to McBride on the 8th.

I'm getting pretty jazzed about the trip. Aunty Bev has asked me to do a few flower arrangements for the party on the 9th. I'm going to bum around the Library later next week to pick up a few books on floral arranging to use as study/reference material. Will take pictures and let you know how it goes.

Yesterday I had Lynne and her girls over for tea in the morning. Claire came, too! It was SO much fun to watch the girls play. They're just too adorable. We had lunch here (chicken salad sandwiches and veg soup). I'd never made chicken salad before so I gave mom and quick call "what goes into a chicken salad?!"... Claire went home and then Lynne and I took the girls to the park for a little bit before they had to head back to the city.

Last week I went to Superstore for the first time. I don't think I wrote about that yet. (Maybe?) It was quite the experience. You're pretty much on your own there. The lighting was ok for the most part... it kinda felt like death row in a few parts. Its definitely less expensive then Safeway and Pricesmart! I think I'll go there for some things, like meat - a tray of 30 boneless, skinless thighs for 15 bucks - but I like the service at Pricesmart better since things are easier to find and the store is smaller. Superstore was an interesting experience all 'round.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Jen and Jenny are coming over tomorrow for tea. We have a surprise for Jenny which I will tell you about and hopefully post pictures of in the next few days. I'm looking forward to seeing them! Jen got good news today - Elie (her husband) has his interview at the Canadian Embassy (or some other Canadian Agency) which is one of the last steps in the immigration process, Jen tells me! This is exciting for both of them.

Just got a call from mom - dad is on his way to pick me up for my Guitar lesson. Should get my shoes on!

Talk to you soon!

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