Thursday, April 2, 2009


The last few days have been somewhat chaotic.

Had a seizure on Sunday evening. Went out bowling with the youth group from my church. It was really busy in the bowling alley so I told our 'adult' that I should probably go home because anybody could have a camera. He said we would be playing upstairs so we both went and checked it out up there and it was much quieter. I decided to stay. I had bowled my first frame and was waiting for my next turn when I woke up to paramedics in my face. Lovely. They carted me off to the hospital where mom, dad and Jill met me. The paramedics were nice enough. I was there til about 11pm when mom convinced the warden I was good to go (I think it had something to do with me being dressed with shoes on, doing my best to look perky).

I think the seizure freaked out the people I was bowling with... I saw a few of them last night at worship practice and they were nice enough. It takes people a while to warm up to me again after seeing me on the floor shaking like that. Sucks, but that's reality. Everything will be well in a few weeks... they'll see me as myself again eventually. They always come around.

The bonus in all this is that I was seizure-free for almost 9 months! Woohoo!! I'm praying for another 9 months of seizure-free-ness.

So the last few days have been spent finding my feet. This seizure business is hard work. I can't imagine how me or anyone who loves me managed through those first few months/year of seizure after seizure. Thank you to you guys who stood by me!

Dad and I have been working away on my sewing desk. Its coming along awesomely! We stripped off the old stain and varnish and found beautiful oak underneath! It all looks fabulous. Dad will be here any minute to pick me up. We're going to the New and Used to see if we can find some old oak boards to match the desk to use as the top. We're hoping for an oak door with some inset panelling that we can put a glass top on. I'll hopefully have my new desk in my living room early next week at the latest. Will post pics when its all finished!

Better get a move on. Hope you're all well.

Talk to you soon!

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