Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Evening.

Once again, I can't sleep. Its not too late, though. (12:30am)... I have high hopes for a good night's rest yet.

Had a great day today. Jenny came over with her son Eli and we had tea together. Jenny brought each a cinnamon bun (yum!) and one muffin because, I think, she knew I hadn't had breakfast yet! I ate the cinnamon bun with her and ate the muffin after she left (thanks Jenny!).

I had a nap after Jenny and Eli left and then dad picked me up. We started work on my sewing desk/table. I'm really excited about it! The sides/legs/pedestals are from a desk that belonged to my Grandma Leboe. Dad and I gave them a good wash since they've been in the hay loft for the better part of five years - they've accumulated a good coat of dust and dead bugs. The pedestals are so old that the oil coat and varnish (and layer of tobacco smoke) was washing right off. I took a sander to the drawer fronts and they came up beautiful. Dad says its made of maple... all I know is that it sure is pretty and will only get prettier! The original top is long-gone but dad has two pieces of beautiful fir that we're making the top out of. It'll all be stained the same shade as the desk fronts. I think it'll look great! I'll take pictures on Tuesday when dad and I work on it again... will post them here.

Spent a quiet evening at home. I made the mistake of drinking a Pepsi at supper. I thought it was caffine-free but noticed after I was almost finished it that it was regular (caffinated)... which would account for me not being able to sleep right now. I had a burst of energy after supper, fuelled by the caffine) so I attacked my bedroom. My treadmill is moving into my bedroom and my sewing stuff is moving out into the living room. I'm pretty jazzed about it but it means I have to bring my bedroom into some semblence of order. I got a good chunk of it done tonight and will hopefully have more success tomorrow evening.

I'm off to give sleep another try.

Talk to you soon!

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