Saturday, March 7, 2009


Things have been reasonably busy lately. I've got a new project which I would love to share with you but I just can't yet. I'll hopefully have some pictures of it tomorrow, though, and will post them then (with an explaination). Jill is coming over in a bit and we're going to get up to a little pre-project mischief. tee hee.

Was supposed to go over and see the girl I hang out with on Saturday but her mom called to say she's under the weather. Hope she's feeling better soon. Was looking forward to it. There's always next week, eh.

Didn't go to Parkholm yesterday - had a touch of something evil (flu-ish).

Church is tomorrow. We're singing so I'll be there at 9:15 for practice. Am also helping with Sunday School. It'll be a good day, I know it!

Better jet but will talk to you soon!

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