Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good afternoon!

Ha! I had a moment of genius this afternoon that I feel compelled to share with you guys.

Claire popped over and we went out and got pitas (yum) and ate them here at my place. Afterwards we went to Pricesmart to pick up a few groceries. Everything went off without a hitch... I took the cart back and then went to find Claire. I walked up beside the car and looked inside and saw that it was Claire in her blue jeans and black sweater. I opened the door and was about to slide inside when the person in the drivers seat turned to face me. It wasn't Claire! It was a middle-aged woman in blue jeans and a black sweater! We were both stunned and just stared at each other. All I could think was "what is this woman doing in Claire's car?!" I closed the door and turned around and mumbled something like "where's my car?" I saw Claire waving at me from two parking stalls down. We had a good laugh but man do I ever feel like a dolt! The other lady shouted "they aren't even the same colour!". And in truth, they aren't. Claire's is a silver four-door and this ladies was half way between silver and gold... I just assumed that it was her car having never given any serious thought to what colour Claire's was! Whoops. The lady was nice enough but I think she was slightly shocked to find someone getting into her car. A total mistake, and a funny one.

The electricians did a good job yesterday and I now have new light switches and electrical sockets throughout my apartment (except for the three sockets in my bedroom). I'm jazzed because appliances actually stay plugged in! Nothing stayed plugged-in long in the old sockets. The electrician and his assistant were very friendly and as it turns out, he's moving into the unit beside mine. Seems like a decent enough guy... bought me a tea from Tim Horton's when his assistant went for a coffee run. Nice, eh? (and no, he's not my age, so you can let go of whatever hope you had for me on that front). ha!

Downloaded a bunch of music for dad (Kingston Trio and Kris Kristofferson) and some for myself (Third Day). Have been groovin' to all of it. I was amazed but how much of the Kingston Trio and Kristofferson that I know just from dad playing and singing it over the years. The Third Day album I downloaded is their newest from last year. Am loving it all! Also downloaded some Disney music for the gal I hang out with on Saturdays (Little Mermaid, Mulan and Pocahontas).

Guitar is tonight and I'm looking forward to it. My hand has been hurting quite a bit over the last two weeks (in the joints) but it feels ok today so I'll give it a whirl.

Turned out to be a nice day, eh? I was a bit worried about the rain this morning. Sure did clear up nice. I've had my windows and doors open for the better part of the afternoon. Its cold in here but its so fresh and springy!

Hope you're all doing well.

Talk to you soon.

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