Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey there,

The electricians are buzzing around me and will be turning off the power shortly.

Yesterday was good. I had my floral class in the morning and did pretty well (if I do say so myself). My arrangement turned out fine... I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm not 100% satisfied but that's ok. Its not bad considering its only my third arrangement ever! The carnations I used are on their very last legs but I didn't want to go buy new ones when these ones were good enough for practice. When I buy new flowers for next week's project, I'll put the left overs into this arrangement. woot. Should be good.

Jill picked me up last night at about 8 and we taped off her room so she can paint stripes. We didn't get it all finished but we'll aim to do the rest tomorrow.

Not sure what today holds. Alison is in town so I'll see her and I'd like to see Claire, too. And I need milk.

The electricians need to turn off the power so I better go.

Better run.

Talk to you soon

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