Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have had a lovely couple of days.

Tuesday was fun! Went and did some shopping with mom - picked up some new shirts (one for me, four for her). She looks fabulous. Had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, went grocery shopping with mom afterwards and then had supper with the family. Got home around 6:30 or so and got together with Claire for a movie. It was a busy but fun day!

Slept in a bit on Wednesday and then Jen popped over. She dropped me off at the Preserved Seed so I could pick up something for Jenny's birthday. I hoofed my way home via Pricesmart where I picked up fixings for spinich dip and my Grandma Leboe's Ceasar Salad that Jenny loves so much. I put it all together tonight (mixed the dressing, chopping the lettuce, grated the Parmesan)... will mix it together tomorrow. Also made the various parts of the cake (the pie filling, chocolate cake and whipped the whipping cream). Will assemble it in the morning. Wrapped Jenny's presents and did a bit of cleaning. Will finish cleaning tomorrow and will assemble the salad and cake then. Also need to make a stop at Pricesmart and pick up what I forgot to pick up today... a sourdough loaf and some marashino cherries.

Its 2am and I'm a bit of an insomniac tonight. Not sure why! Its technically Thursday morning... time to sit still and read my book. Will attempt sleep again in a little bit. Hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow night!

Talk to you soon!

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