Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good afternoon,

The floral class yesterday went really well! I had a good time, though I was very tired (and was forever fidgeting to stay awake!). We learned the basics about tools and we got homework for next week. I get a rush right before I try something new and experimental... I'm exited to give flower arranging a try. I'm thankful that we have a teacher who will be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong. So often with my crafts I have to figure out my own mistakes... it'll be a nice change. I hope I'm more awake next week!

Beyond that...

I took the shawl I finished for a lady who works at my doctor's office to her today. She really likes it and showed it off to everyone. I blushed but am glad she likes it! I didn't use all of the yarn I bought (have about two balls left) which should be enough to make at least one baby blanket. I have to decide on the pattern. Two of my girlfriends are pregnant...Will see.

Made a stop at the Pharmacy and was chatted up by a really nice older lady. She was so friendly - made the 20 minutes I had to sit there go by faster! She said I look about 18. I laughed and corrected her - I'm almost 25.

Anywho. I better run along.

Talk to you soon!

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