Sunday, March 1, 2009

God Aften!

(Danish for "good evening")

Hope all is well with you guys.

Yesterday was fun. Janice came over and we watched two movies (Prince Caspian and The Secret Garden) while we chatted, drank tea and crocheted. I managed to just about finish the shawl I'm doing for one of the doctor's office ladies. Just have to put the edging on it and then I can deliver it on Tuesday (hopefully).

Church today was lovely. I helped with Sunday school and was mightily miffed (in a not-angry way) that they played my favourite hymn and I wasn't even there to sing it. I hummed along while the kids were doing their activities. "Will you come and follow me" is my favourite ever! Anywho.... after the service was over I helped with the offering. We made a mistake somewhere and our books wouldn't balance. Marg worked til 2, trying to find our mistake and eventually she did. It was righted, thankfully. (though I feel bad Marg was there so late!)

Went over to Jenny's for supper tonight. Woot. Jen made us a Haitian meal - rice and beans (makes beans worth eating!), talapia, shrimp, Haitian sauce, and carrots. Yum! Then we had Gelato for dessert with butterfly cookies (a Danielle-friendly re-creation of Jen's wedding dessert). It was a lot of fun to hang out with Josh and the kids as well as spend time with my best friends.

Tomorrow I'm going with Aunt Aileen and (cousin) Janet to a floral art club lesson. I hope it goes well but I'll report my findings to this committee tomorrow night. ;) tee hee

Talk to you soon!

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