Saturday, March 21, 2009


Its been a busy day and I'm exhausted. Time for bed.

I hung out with A today. We had a riot. She's such a great kid. Lots of fun to be with! She had me playing "Twister Dance". Significantly more complicated and required more talent then I possess. We laughed alot at my pathetic attempts to dance.

I babysat my friend Jenny's two kids tonight. Got in about an hour ago from that. They were stellar for me which is awesome. Had lots of fun playing horses, playdough, cars, etc. Took turns playing with the ball and watched a movie in the process.

Went to the bank in between those events and I also picked up a sandwich from one of the downtown deli's which I ate at the park between my house and Jenny's. Delicious! It was an eventful afternoon/evening.

Am heading to bed now but wanted to post a link to They posted a blog entry about the Chilliwack Crochet Capers. Very cool! Jill and I have our next location picked out. Am going to measure stuff some time this week.

Time for bed.
Talk to you soon.

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