Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello folks!

Am having a good day!

Went to the Chilliwack United Church today (the one downtown) and had a very lovely service... it was remarkably Presbyterian... which is no small wonder since the United Church is half Presbyterian and half Methodist. The order of service was a cookie-cutter of Cooke's service except that at the end of the service everyone stood up and held hands and sungs the final song together (there's a name for that song but I can't remember what it is!). The lady next to me passed her hand to me so like a complete dork, I shook it while wondering to myself why we were passing the peace again! ha ha. I figured it out once I looked around the room and saw everyone holding hands. It was a bit awkward!

Got to see Michelle, too. I thought she was at Carmen United but nope, there she was in the choir! I bustled up to the front so I could catch her before she disappeared into the depths of the church. It was awesome to see her and we're making plans for getting together later in the week.

After church I got a call from Claire so after a bite of lunch and a short nap, she popped over. We watched a few movies, cooked and ate supper (that I managed to neither over or under cook) and inhaled waaay too many dounuts. It was a lot of fun. We're busy making plans to do a cook-a-thon together. We're thinking of cookies, perogies, etc. I'm glad she called - I had a hoot!

Am going over to Aunt Aileen and Janet's tonight with Jill. Our cousins Pete and Colin are in town - they're so much fun. Dad called while Claire was here and asked if I wanted to go over with them but I turned them down because I was hanging out with Claire. Claire just left so I gave Jill and call and she mentioned that she's going over there in a half hour so I'm going to tag along. Should be a good time.

Hope you all had a good Sunday.

Talk to you soon!

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