Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm trying to figure out how to embed a video in this blog. I tried a little bit the other day but ended up just posting a link to the video ("Will you come and follow me"). In order to listen to this you'll need to turn off the music on the side of this blog by pressing the pause button.

Had a good day today. Went with dad to Abbotsford. He dropped me off at Charlene's - had lunch with her and Nathan and then we crocheted for a bit. It was a really great visit. I miss having her closer.

Went to church tonight thinking that there was worship practice but I got there to find the Board and Session all congregated in the Fireside Room. I should have figured out that practice was going to be cancelled but I'm not known the world over for my powers of deduction. Oh well. It was a nice, brisk walk. I met a slightly intoxicated gentleman on my walk there who was quite happy to chat me up. His name was Mel and he lives not far from me with his wife and yappy little white dog (so he told me).

Tomorrow I'm heading over to mom and dad's to help dad saw a couple sheets of wood and then me, mom and dad are heading to Harrison to look at a place we're thinking of renting for the Leboe Christmas Gathering.

Hope you're all well!

Talk to you soon!

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