Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hope you're all doing well.

Had a good time today with A. We baked chocolate cake til the cows came home... doubled the recipe because there's 12 people in her family, not including random friends and visitors. One cake just wouldn't be enough... that way they can have bigger pieces, too. We had a hoot! She had the forsight to wear an apron this time so I did likewise - saved our clothes! By the end of it we were just about covered from neck to knees in cocoa powder and cake batter! A's parents are coming home tonight from a trip so they decided to save the cakes as a surprise for them. :)

Went to Liquidation World after I came home and found a great deal on Noodle Soup and bought individually wrapped candies to go inside the crackers (the kind with candy inside a toilet paper tube, not the kind you eat with soup) I'm making for tomorrow's service. I think I did about 35 of them... felt like it would never end! I think between me, Maryna and Madelene we should have enough for the whole congregation.

While it was still light out, I took the cabinet I was using as a nightstand out onto my patio and gave it a fresh lick of paint. I didn't realise it was oil-based paint, though, until I went to wash my hands and brushes! Whoops. I'm currently covered in paint and don't have any paint-remover to take it off... I'll be going to church tomorrow with green hands! The cabinet looks ok... its been a while since I painted. I did my best.

The cabinet is going to go in my living room between my bookcase and TV unit. Mom had a big garage sale at the Lion's Club Hall today for the Nightengales team (Relay for Life - Cancer fundraiser in June). I came away from there with an awesome aquarium and assorted aquarium paraphenalia. I can't wait to set it up but I have to wait until the cabinet dries! Will probably set it up sometime on Monday.

I also found my next project - pillowcase dresses! I have a few girlfriends who have little girls... Jenny's Shea, Melissa's Claire and Evelyn and Kristy's Sadie plus Esther's Joudelie. They look so straight-forward, I can't wait to try one out! That'll have to wait until after the cabinet is dry and the fish tank has been moved from my kitchen table.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I'm off to church in the morning. Mom and dad said they might try to come if things aren't too busy at home, getting ready for the big family Easter supper. I think they're expecting between 17 and 20 people. Fun! Our little praise group will be singing in church tomorrow... we're even smaller because Deb and Gary's niece passed away and they've headed up to PG. Will be praying for them - their niece was my age, 25 y/o.

Anywho... I better get a move on. Bed is calling me. Well... being cozied up with my book is calling me. tee hee.

Talk to you soon!

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