Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh man! I can't believe its been almost a week since I wrote here. Whoops. I haven't fallen from the face of the earth... have just been kinda busy. Sorry to worry you guys!

And now that I think about it, I'm having a hard time recalling what has kept me away from my computer this long. Yeesh!

I can only remember back as far as Saturday.

I had the Shaw Cable guy over at around 9:30am to set up my new phone, internet and cable TV connection. I'm so jazzed. The internet is faster, the phone is the same but cheaper, and the Cable TV is delightful - I can watch the news the til cows come home! The only downside to the TV thing is that I don't have a remote that works with my TV. I've tried programing two different universal remotes and haven't had any luck. I have a system, though! I sit in front of the TV and watch Channel 3 (the channel with the circulating list of what's on which station) and figure out what I'm going to watch, then I put it on whatever channel I want to watch and go sit on the couch. I've watched SO much news (noon, five, six, eleven and midnight news casts!) Woot!

I also worked with A in the afternoon. We baked brownies, much to everyone's delight. She likes torturing them and said that they had to wait until dessert before any of them could have a taste! What a stinker. Such a doll, though!

Sunday was good... went to worship practice at 9:15 and then set up the sunday school room (I was teaching the lesson). I sang with our little group and then headed upstairs with my one kid. We flew through the lesson and then spent about 15 minutes drawing Super Mario characters on the chalk board. He was amused and I had the satisfaction that I taught him what I needed to out of the curriculum.

Jones and Skittles were at church promoting Camp Douglas (Jones is interm director). I went to coffee hour (for the first time in an eon) and chatted with various people and got a bit caught up with Skittles. Afterwards the three of us went to Carebear's house for lunch which was delicious! We traded stories and had a riot. Jones said he missed my 'random profanity' and they both invited me up to camp this summer. I'm really jazzed to go. Mom and dad said that they'll come across with me and go camping up around Powell River, visit our cousin near Sechelt, etc. I can't wait!

Today I spent with dad working on my sewing desk! It looks fabulous! We got the desk unit done and tomorrow we'll assemble the shelving unit for above it. I'm really looking forward to the storage it'll give me! Plus its beautiful. I kick myself for not taking pictures as we were building it. It was so rough but it looks so lovely now!

Ok. Bed is calling me.

Talk to you soon!

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