Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here is a pic of my new desk!!

The bottom pedistals were actually from my Grandma's bedroom. They were blacker than night and the varnish was crackled and were just disgusting looking. The top on them was an ugly old piece of battleship plywood. Dad resuced the desk after Grandma passed away because he could clearly see the potential. Dad and I washed them and the varnish was coming off... we could see a little bit of wood grain! We took some paint stripper to them and there was beautiful wood underneath! Not sure if its Maple or Oak.
The desk top is two clear (no knots) fir boards and the trim around them is cut from a fir 2x4! The boards were about nine feet long and served as a work bench for the previous owners of mom and dad's property. Dad cleaned them up (they were covered with oil and had nails pounded through them). Once we finished the top, we stained it a dark walnut with watco oil. It matches pretty good, I think.
The hutch part is actually made of a pine waterbed frame that dad bought from Bibles for Missions, which he took apart and stripped. He also bought a spruce board from Pioneer... that was the only piece of new material in the whole project. We also stained it a dark walnut and it doesn't match perfectly but its pretty darn close!
Then we gave the whole works a coat of natural watco oil, just to make it a little shiny.
What more can I say? tee hee
Total cost: $40! (not including the hours dad - and I - put into it)
I've decided to make it my computer desk so I'm currently in the process of moving my living room around - a major job. I took a break while Jill and I went to Superstore (what an experience that was! My brain is still on overload). Time to put away the last of the groceries and get my livingroom sorted before the chaos overwhelms me!
Just got a call from dad. He's going to come rescue me... will help me move my computer desk and get things more or less sorted.
Will post a pic of my newly arranged computer desk.
Talk to you soon!

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