Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey there,

Was bumming around a friend's blog (frugal dreamer... and came across this video that she posted. Its a real challenge to lead a greener lifestyle and to not buy into the consumerism the western world has fallen into. Its quite a lengthy video (22 min) but its well worth the watch. At any rate, it challenged me!
Things here have been pretty good!
Am getting ready to walk about the door to Jen's. Jenny and I are having tea and supper at her place for the first time!! Its very exciting. I bought her a small housewarming gift (a large mixing bowl). I didn't know what to take for supper... I'll have a look in my freezer... green beans anyone?
I made a trip to the post office earlier this afternoon. I was at Liquidation World yesterday and they had bins of (good) yarn on sale for $1 a ball. I bought her three balls and put it in the mail today... sort of a 'get well' present. I imagine she'll be doing a fair amount of crocheting while her hip is healing and yarn always makes me feel better when I'm blue. You give the gifts you'd most like to recieve, right? tee hee. I also mailed a package to my penpal Kathy in Alberta... with a CD and a few letters that I wrote but never got around to sending.
I should get a move on. Jenny will be here any minute to pick me up!
Talk to you soon!

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  1. love green beans! sarah and I eat them and peas with cheese sauce all the time.... makes a lovely meal!