Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey there,

Hope you're all having a good Easter Monday!

Things here have been pretty darn good.

Church yesterday morning was good. Dad and Jill came out and we had a good ol' time. Poor Jill was SO bored (she's not used to Presbyterian services). I caught her texting someone during one of the longer prayers. And why, might you ask, were my eyes even open during a prayer? Because... if I'd closed them I probably would have fallen asleep. Not that our Minister's sermons and prayers aren't inspiring (usually they are)... but... oh well. Anyway. The service was good for the most part. Praise practice went fine and much to our collective horror, Lynn figured out how to record us and play us back. She seemed pleased with herself but the rest of us were agast at how we sound! Yikes. The kids handed out the crackers we made to the congregation's enjoyment - it was a good time. I think the candy was just about the only thing keeping Jill awake.

I went home and had a nap... dad picked me up at about 3 to go over to their place for supper. It was a lot of fun - 18 or 20 people for supper. The living room was bustin' at the seams. Lots of good food and good conversation.

I went home around 12:30am after Jill and I finished updating the songs on this blog. My apologies to those of you who have bravely read this blog through the Kingston Trio's version of The Rev Mr Black! Jill showed me how to make the player shuffle the songs, plus we created a new play list that doesn't include the Kingston Trio. There are nine new songs to pick from. Hope that suits everyone.

Today has been a quiet day. I took out my garbage which has pretty much been the extent of the excitement. The cabinet that I painted is almost dry so hopefully either tonight or tomorrow I'll set up my aquarium and get it running! I've been reading up on Betta fish and Goldfish... Jill's best-friend Jess is going to buy me a fish but I have to know a few things about them before I make my decision. Three cheers for!

Anyway. The rest of my evening looks quiet... Might go for a walk before it gets dark out but it looks like more rain in those clouds. Will see.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Of course there's more rain in those clouds, it's Chilliwack! :)