Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good evening,

Spent the last few hours with Jill, trying to get my computer to allow me to watch online videos! Its been a bit of a battle and we still haven't won but I want to see if I can still embed video even though I can't watch it off the youtube site. This is a favourite worship song/hymn of mine. Love, love, love it. Lets see if this works.... (I think it will!)

Today was good. Madelene, a friend from church, came over for tea. I worked on the crackers (the kind with candy inside a toilet paper tube) for Easter Sunday and then I took a walk to the bank and Logan's Hardware where I picked up dad's birthday present. Jill thinks he's really going to like it.

Tomorrow evening will be busy but I'm hoping to head over to the Library in the afternoon to check out a few books on floral design. Will see if Claire wants to tag along.

I better get a move on. Night!

Talk to you soon.

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