Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a beautiful day, eh!

I got to enjoy the sun and breeze on a walk to the dr's office this afternoon. I've been having trouble with my left hand - he says that there's some sort of inflamation so he's given me some drugs for it. I didn't have time to get the perscription filled (will pick it up tomorrow) because Jen, Jenny and I got our pictures taken at Cultas by Jill!

Jill took 250+ pictures... we're bound to get a few good ones out of that! The pictures are really important to me right now. Jenny's leaving in July for Nova Scotia (for good) and Jen's leaving for Haiti in June (for at least two months but she wants to stay til her husband can immigrate to Canada... and who knows how long that'll be). Jill suggested we go to Cheam Wetlands next for some more pictures at a later date.

I got home from pictures with enough time to down a bowl of mushroom soup and head out the door for worship practice. Practice ran late but fortunately dad ran later so I was home for about five minutes before dad picked me up for my guitar lesson. I was worried I had kept him waiting and wondering where on earth I was. That worry was unfounded.

Guitar is coming along nicely, I think. I was getting discouraged but I then I thought back to when I started playing flute... it was a good three to four years before I could play anything worthwhile. I could play simple stuff... but it took years before I could play regular music. I've been doing guitar for just over two years now and I think I'm making good progress. Practice, practice, practice.

Time for a bed though, I'm one tired cupcake.

Talk to you soon!

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