Monday, April 6, 2009


Hope everyone out there is doing well!

Things here are pretty good.

We had our last floral class today... took a walk through Minter Country Gardens (the retail plant store) and spent just over 2 hours looking at every plant in creation. My brain was about ready to implode! I can't remember any of the plants names. ha! Oh, except I love Scotch Broom. It sure is ugly as a plant but it looks great in arrangements. I asked mom if I could plant one in her garden so that I won't have to steal any off of buddy's fence line up in Slesse Park. tee hee.

Went for a walk to the bank this evening and enjoyed the last of the day's sun. It was beautiful today!! Mom said it got up to 25 degrees! Delicious! Also picked up some salad and milk because I'm not a good at guaging when milk is about to go bad... I like to have fresh milk in the fridge just in case (especially because I've got a friend coming over tomorrow... wouldn't do to serve her spoiled milk with her tea!!).

I think its almost time for bed. Am going to wash a few dishes first, though. Party on!

Talk to you soon.

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