Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good Evening!

Am just on my way to bed but wanted to update this blog.

Aunt Sharron is doing better. Her surgery went well and she should be home on Monday. Horrah! My Aunt Marny (Dad and Aunt Sharron's sister) will be going to stay with them for a while to help my aunt while my uncle and cousin are at work. They just started a new business and can't be home all the time with Aunt Sharron... thankfully Aunt Marny is retired and worked just about her entire career on an Ortho floor at one of the big hospitals in Edmonton (can't remember which one). Please continue praying for my Aunts, Uncle and cousins.

My dear girl friend Jen has found an apartment and has moved in as of yesterday! Which is kinda funny since yesterday was the official one-year anniversary of my living-on-my-own-ness. Kind of exciting! I saw Jen's new place and its really great... Its a great size and I look forward to many cups of tea around her kitchen table with her and Jenny. Jen and I had our first cuppa tea today - it was great! (Earl Grey with honey that I boiled on the stove in a pot - the girl needs a teapot badly!).

Tomorrow is church. I'm counting the offering after the service and then am going to hang out with A. A had another friend over today so I got bumped to tomorrow afternoon which is kinda fun. Jen's apartment is right beside A's house so she popped in on Jen and I while we were horsin' around with a foster girl that Jen does respite for. A good time was had by all!

Bed is calling me. Hope you're all well!

Talk to you soon.

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