Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting. Its been a busy few days.

Here are a few pictures from our trip!

This is King. I think Jill said he's 16 and is such a doll! Jill was doing something farrier related and she's far better at explaining it then I am. Don't worry, I asked her if I could post a picture of her rear in purple jeans. I think she should use this as her Christmas card this year for her clients!!

She did a lot of trimming horse feet this week which meant that I did a lot of hanging out in the shop. The horses are so good but there's always the chance that one will step on her... my job was to help her if she got crunched.
Abe is always pleased with her work and he's not the only one... I'm always so impressed when I watch her, she does such a good job! Abe has a billion horses but three pulling teams that he uses in competitions as well as farming work (plowing, etc) and horse logging.

My smiling mom. She and Dad worked like crazy to help tear down the shed behind her. It used to be a saddle shed but the whole works was rotting, it was so old. A guy that lives in Crescent Spur got the tin on the roof and Abe asked that he take the barn board off the sides as payment... the board will be sold in the upcoming farm auction (at the end of the month).
You might be wondering about her pink hair... this is the second time she's done that, its a conversation starter, that's for sure! She's part of the Relay for Life Cancer Society fundraiser... this year three ladies dyed their hair pink! Cool, eh?

I think dad delights in grossing me out. I can't remember what he said but he was laughing at my expression! He was pounding out nails in this picture. Abe used his handy tractor in the background to tear down the shed and move it to a big burn pile.

Abe and Jill doing some team-trimming. I held one of their feet... SO heavy. Abe is holding while Jill trims. Abe has a hoof stand that Jill used, too.

Beautiful but gigantic horses. I'll never think that Monty is a big horse after standing next to these guys!
There wasn't too much for me to do so I floated from one place to the other (kitchen, shed, shop). I cooked lunch a couple times and helped Melva with supper and dishes. She and I get on pretty well. She whooped me at cards quite a few times! It was humbling!!!
It was a good week away!
Talk to you soon!