Wednesday, August 5, 2009


More of my sister's adventures:

Jill left Edmonton and headed towards my uncle's brother's last night when she managed to hit and kill a deer! It took out her headlight, marker and grill but she survived unscathed. She was a bit of an emotional wreck and thankfully a family, split between two cars, stopped to make sure she was ok. She was quite upset, crying, and the lady of the group asked if she was upset about the deer. No, she sobbed out, I'm worried about my horse!

Taser is fine and in good shape. The family was quite nice about it and one car drove ahead of her and the other drove behind her to make sure she got to where she was going safely. Turns out Uncle's brother owns a pig farm so Taser spent the night with hogs! Jill was quite proud of him. This will certainly be a trip that neither of them forgets!

Jill was never so happy to arrive in Prince Albert/Spruce Home Saskatchewan today. We've had a few calls/texts from her to say that she arrived safely. Dave and Paula are at a Black Smithing competition of some description somewhere else in Saskatchewan but drove back today just to be sure Jill arrived in one piece!

I'm missing her badly. I never really understood why she was always so upset when I would leave town to go to camp or PYPS but I get it now!! Having her gone is quite painful! I know two months will fly by (I sure hope so anyway). All of Jill's friends have been awesome to me, too. So if I need a jolt of Jill's brand of humour, they're all only a call away! I was quite a basket case last night, missing her, so mom brought over a 5lbs flat of blueberries and she and I ate the whole thing. It was quite a delicious moment in time!

I saw A today. We chatted away for over an hour and a half and made sure she got a shower, too. Even had time to paint her nails before mom and dad picked me up. Didn't bake anything today... didn't really have time plus Daena was just finished canning. We'll probably bake on Saturday.

That's about all for now but I'll keep posting about Jill's trip to keep everyone up to date.

Talk to you soon!

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