Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello folks!

An accomplishment in my life: 

I spent months looking at webpage after webpage of crate-shelving inspiration and over those months I nabbed eight wooden crates. Two wine crates from the liquor store for free, three old cranberry crates from Cannor Nurseries, an apple crate from a friend and three very old coca-cola crates from my dad... I set out to make my vision come to life. After much searching, planning and dad's cordless drill and stud finder, this is what we put together:

It isn't the layout I'd originally planned on but this was dad's suggestion based on where the studs in the wall were. And ya know, I'm pretty happy with the final product! 

I'm not done dressing up these shelves but am slowly getting there. I'm planning on purchasing more clear Tupperware tubs for flour and sugar as they're currently in their original 25lbs bags inside that beige/brown Rubbermaid bin in the bottom right of the picture. And I want to put more of my special cookbooks on display as well as a few of my nicer tea cups and saucers in the coming days. One thing at a time, right?

Not pictured here are the two wine crates that we screwed to the wall above my sewing/crafting desk in my bedroom (which is a room unfit for cameras at this point!) and I stacked two crates to put my printer on beside my computer desk. The bonus: I no longer have to stand on my desk to scan documents/pictures. Safety first, folks.

Moving Forward with Joy.

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