Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey there folks.

Wow. Its been forever since I wrote here!

I just had a surprise visit from my friend Danielle! She's recently moved to Vancouver and was in Abbotsford so called me up to see if I was home and up for a visit. Of course, I said! We had a real hoot (as usual!). I met Danielle about 10 years ago at camp. Gosh, I can't believe its been that long ago. She's been busy with nursing (maternity) up north but I'm so thrilled she's in the valley now.

What's going on in Haiti is just gut wrenching! So many of my friends have lives wrapped up in Haiti that its hard to look at the worry in their face and the images on the news and not feel called to action. I don't know what that action will look like but I know many of my friends are booking their flights down there, and a one has already left. My friend Jen's husband is Haitian and I just read from Jen that they got ahold of his family and they're all ok. The buildings on their road have collapsed but they're alive, thankfully. Some of their neighbours have died, though, which just breaks my heart. I can't imagine living through something so devastating! The gal I work with, A, her parents are affiliated with a few orphanages in Haiti. There are so many unknowns... how are the orphans, how are the staff of those orphanages, how will they find food and clean water? The papers have reported close to half a million are suspected dead. In a country that is already so unstable, this can't bode well for them.

Like A's mom said, we serve a good God. He's already there and won't be going anywhere! In the meantime, I'm going to start making blankets for the children. What more can I do at this point? If anyone would like to join me in my blanket-making endevours... please feel free to knit or crochet 10" squares!

Talk to you soon!

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