Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello folks!

Sorry its been so long since my last post. It feels like there are never enough hours in the day! I'm sure you all share that sentiment!

I got busy spring cleaning my apartment yesterday... My kitchen and living room got an overhaul. I have tons of stuff for charity plus stuff that belongs to other people. It'll be good to get rid of all of it. The bathroom is next on my to-do list. So far today I've had tea with my cousin Mark and then cleaned up my patio and planted my 'garden'. Because I live in an apartment I have oodles of planters on my patio. I took before and after pics just for you guys!

The weeds had taken over and I had oodles of broken pots and a random assortment of loaned pots that needed to be give back.

I cleaned up all those weeds and used up the dirt that was in the bags. I'm giving back all the pots that don't belong to me... less is more, I think!

I planted two planters each of beans and carrots and a one planter of dill and garlic, and one planter of green onions. I didn't plant any potatoes this year yet. When I go to the greenhouse later today I'll see if they have any on sale. I just need a few for the blue planters.

So things are more orderly. Its nice to look out there and not be overwhelmed... and really, its such a little job anyway. Now I just need to remember to water them every day! They get the sun steady all day long so the dirt dries up really fast! I managed to kill my carrots last year because I didn't water them enough during our heat waves in August when it got up to 40 degrees. Yick. I decided to stay inside my air conditioned apartment. It was very neglectful of me!!

It was my birthday last Friday. It was great to see/hang out with Cor - a real treat to have her here on my birthday! I worked a bit with A in the morning - she was having her teacher over for supper that night so she and I put together a chicken and rice casserole to impress her teacher with. I'm sure it worked - its a fail-proof recipe. Yum. Mom picked me up from there and we went out for supper, the four of us plus Cor. A good time was had by all. Mom and dad got me a beautiful wallet and Jill bought me a new pair of really nice sneakers. I was totally spoiled!

Tonight is my family birthday party with all my aunts and uncles and cousins. Its a ritual we do every time one of us has a birthday (and there's quite a few of us!!). I love getting together with everyone. My cousin Mark came over with a gift this morning - he has to work tonight and can't make it to the party. We had a cuppa tea and chocolate Amish bread. I sent him home with the rest of the loaf.

Well, I should get a move on and clean my bathroom.

Moving forward with Joy!


  1. I have such a yard time using planter containers as well, for the same reasons as drying out so much faster than things that are in the ground. Good luck and hope you find some good plants on sale!!

  2. Oh, for sure! Its just a matter of being diligent in watering every day. Its a hard sell when its so freakin' hot out there that I melt when I open the patio door. Either that or I'm just a big baby! teehee