Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey there folks!

I'm at mom and dad's right now. Dad and I have been busy making my buffet. Its coming along really well! We just finished our very first tiling adventure and I think we succeeded! Well, so far anyway. We mixed the thin-set and set the tile. At first we didn't get the spacing right but we quickly fixed that.

A pic of me, dad and our tile challenge.

There are twelve drawers in this unit... and we'll put a nice trim around the tile. Dad said he'd cut the trim down to size tonight. We're putting drawer pulls on at a later date (mom and dad are going away on holidays on Tuesday for two weeks so it'll have to wait til they get back.

The nearly-finished project. Its on wheels to make cleaning behind it easier.

We've got a few good ideas for the hutch. The more I look at Welsh huts, the more I love them. I found one that's kind of mennonite/amish inspired. Dad said its totally old school. Here's a link to the one we're planning to copy. My buffet counter top is higher then this one but I like the basic design of this one. We're going to trim it in the same stained fir that we're using to trim the buffet.

I'll take more pics when the handles are on and the trim is finished/tile is grouted... and of course when the hutch is built.

Hope you like it - I know I love it!

Moving Forward with Joy.


  1. OOoooh good thing its on wheels, it looks heavy! It will be a very good use of storage space for sure!!

  2. Its pretty light without the drawers but jeepers, those drawers sure weigh it down. It won't blow away in a windstorm, that's for sure!