Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello folks.

The Christmas season is almost upon us. *shudder* I'm still having nightmares about "winter wonderland" playing in Superstore last week.

I've been busy Christmas crafting, nonetheless. I wish I could give specifics about the crafts/gifts but some of the recipients read my blog!

I will tell you that I'm working on a rather large project for Jill and I made six tutus for all the little girls in my life with capes for all the little boys. I've also finished all the Christmas cards (including mom's) and they're ready with postage for Monday the 1st. I'm working on a scarf for Jess, too, but that's a thank-you gift.

I'm housesitting for mom and dad til Monday. They're driving a friend of theirs home to Calgary. She had surgery in Chilliwack a few weeks ago but is more recovered and can handle the long drive. I talked to mom at 9 and they were in Golden and we're going to keep goin'. Haven't heard from them yet but am heading to bed with the phone.

That's about it for now.

Talk to you soon!

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