Friday, November 13, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting.

Dad and I took a trip northward to Crescent Spur and visited with some family and friends. Dad snapped this pic of me smoochin' Monty on our last day there.

Good pic of dad, not so much of me.
It was a good visit up there. I got tons of sewing done. Just have one rather large project yet. I have to pick up supplies next week so I can get crackin' on it. I also have to sew Eli's footsie PJs and make him a cape. I'm going to make Shea a tutu, too. These projects won't make themselves so I need to get a move on.

I got a new computer. The tower is new-to-me but is a million times faster then my laptop. Its really a breath of fresh air! I've been saving up so I bought a nice new screen (I bought a cheap Acer one but then returned it and got a nicer one by HP). And of course I needed a keyboard and mouse. Lovely!

I got caught in today's rain/sleet/snow/hail storm. I was at the postoffice, mailing some stuff, and by the time I got outside it looked like it was easily 6pm - overcast, gray and gross. My bike seat was soaked but I made it home ok.

I haven't been feeling too great, probably just because I was eating food up north that my tummy isn't used to (mostly tomatoes)... but I'm feeling better today. It was great to get out!

Tomorrow is Barbara Visagie's memorial (a friend from church). She was a really great gal who would call and wish me a happy valentines day every year. I regret that I didn't make time to go visit her. She died of cancer a few weeks ago. I'm glad we got back in time for the service.

Well. I do believe I still owe you guys finished pictures of the cottage/cabin in Hope. I'll post those in a seperate post next.

Talk to you soon!

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