Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey there!

Sorry this post didn't get written last night. Not sure what distracted me. Oh well!

I can't remember if I posted a pic of the yard but lets just say that this pic is a major improvement! We hacked back the tree big-time to let more light into the yard and house.

A view of the livingroom. Fresh paint and a clean floor.

View of the bedroom. Fresh paint and twice-washed curtains.
Other wall in the livingroom. I painted the window trim blue in both the livingroom and bedroom. The door is new. Dad installed it - should help with the heating bills. There was no door there when we started and only an 'inside' door on the very outside. No wonder their electric and gas bills were through the roof!
Finished kitchen. I'm not a fan of the curtains there at all but ya gotta work with whatcha got. Mom gave them a good wash (twice). At least they don't smell like tobacco anymore!
We didn't do anything with the bathroom - just gave it a good scrub. And the backroom got a new coat of paint but its so small and awkward, I didn't get any good pictures of it.

So that's a wrap, folks.

Will post more in the days to come about my life in general.

Talk to you soon!

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