Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello folks!

Things here continue to roll along. I'm working tonight, my second RCMP rotation shift... and its going well. We've been up to our ears in other tows but I haven't received one from the police yet. That'll be later tonight. Last night wasn't too busy but it was steady pretty much all night. I caught about two or three hours sleep total... I survived and was thankful for a shower and sleep after I handed back the phones.

I worked late last week, too, and had the weekend off. Not much got accomplished but I went to Michelle's church (United Church in Canada) and heard her preach. It was a wonderful sermon about being authentic - being who God created us to be. It was really great to hear her preach and lead a full service! Totally fantastic!

Dad and I are going to work together in the shop this weekend I hope. We're going to make a wooden attachment thingy so I can hook up my A/C to my patio window. It currently takes up waaaay too much space in my dinette. It'll be nice to have it out of the way.

Sorry my recent posts have been so short. There hasn't been much new going on.

Moving Forward with Joy!


  1. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  2. Hello Deedee. I noticed in your blog that you had set up a new page. I have put together an image for you if you would like to use it. It's a gif file using the idea from the patches quilt and the titles you already have in place. If you would like it, just let me know (via a comment on my blog what your email address is and I can send it to you.) If you look at my blog, you can see the new header that I created for myself today with the feather and the bird etc.

  3. Hi Deedee

    I've copied a couple of images for you to have a look at if you would like to use them on your blogger. You can find them here: here: