Sunday, August 15, 2010


Its been a good day here.

Church this morning was pretty decent. The hymns were great and we sang one that always makes me smile "Guide me, O thou Great Redeemer/Jehovah". Michelle and I made up inappropriate lyrics for it a few weeks ago and I can't help but giggle when I hear it played or we sing it in church. All I can think of are the awful words we came up with! The sermon was good - it was about how Jesus challenged the fishermen to cast their nets out into deeper water and how they were blessed with enough fish to sink the boats! He said the same can be true for us - even though our congregation is struggling right now he feels that we can be blessed if we throw our nets out into deeper water. I agree, though I'm not sure what that will look like.

Jill and our our mutual friend Jess are coming over at 5:30. We're going to pick up some subway and then head back here to watch a movie. Not sure what we'll watch but it'll be nice to hang out with them - they both make me laugh!

I work tomorrow thru Thursday night... it'll be a long haul but will be more money in my pocket, so I'm ok with that. Plus our main dispatcher is exhausted. The weekends take a lot out of her - which I totally get. I worked one weekend and ended up sleeping for 18 hours after I handed back the phones. No small wonder she's tired!

I wrote this next bit earlier today:

I've just taken my first galette out of the oven. I've never eaten one before but I saw a picture and recipe for one online and thought "YUM!" so I picked up all the various ingredients that I don't normally have on hand (Ricotta, sour cream, Parmesan) and then life got really busy so didn't have time to make it. In the meantime the sour cream went bad and the Ricotta was questionable so last night when Jill and I went to superstore to pick up a few things I bought more sour cream and ricotta. I put my first Galette together today! A galette is basically a free-form pastry filled with whatever kind of delightful filling you can imagine. You can make them sweet - like with fruit or pie filling but today's is a chedder, ricotta, parmesan and garlic base topped with Zucchini, mushrooms and some cheddar.

And I have to be very honest here - that was the most satisfying thing I've ever eaten! Yum. The pastry was flaky and the filling was rich but not too rich - just perfect. I highly recommend it even though the whole thing takes about three hours to make. (You have to chill the flour then make the dough, then chill the dough, and the vegetables have to 'drain' on paper towel for half an hour - which I did at the same time the dough was in the fridge - and then it bakes for 35 minutes).

The recipe is here:

Mine isn't as pretty as her's but here's a pic just so you can see what yours is bound to look like!

I made a few changes - I used white vinegar instead of lemon juice. I used cheddar instead of mozzarella and I added five large mushrooms to make up for one of my zucchinis that went mouldy while waiting to be used. I topped it with cheddar cheese instead of basil and added a little salt to the ricotta mixture.

It was certainly worth the work. Delicious!


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