Sunday, August 8, 2010


Things here continue to move along at great speeds. I've been busy baking oatmeal molasses cookies (my ultimate favourite cookie - will post the recipe at a later date) for my pals at work and have finished four more diapers for a grand total of nine. I can't wait to show my friend, who is coming over tomorrow. I've still got more flannel for her and will give her a quick how-to so she can make the remaining diapers.

A pic of all nine pretty diapers:

In an effort to be as cost-effective as possible, the green and light blue diapers are made of old (but barely used) bedsheets from the thrift store. All the inserts are made from scraps - either scraps from the diapers themselves or scraps from old quilts. There's four layers of flannel in each insert and there are two inserts that go with each diaper. I have a feeling she may need to triple up on the inserts, though. Heaven knows there's enough fabric left over to do that!

I'm so pleased with my latest sewing project! We're getting together in the afternoon and I can hardly wait!

I work tomorrow night which should be interesting. It'll be my first ever Monday shift. I don't know if it'll vary greatly from any other weekday night. We'll find out shortly!

Time for bed. This is one tired pumpkin.

Moving Forward with Joy.

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